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Matt Cardwell

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Friends and Town Residents,

This upcoming municipal election is probably the most critical one we have seen in some time.  There are many important decisions that the next town council will have to make that will shape our future.  It is an exciting time to live in Whitby and there is much to look forward to.  With the 407, 412 and 401 expansion there is an opportunity to attract many jobs and businesses here.  Increased roads and transportation lines opens up Whitby to a level playing field with those towns in the west end of the city who are currently enjoying that benefit.  I believe in job creation and I also believe it important to capture opportunities for the town’s well being when they are imminent.  This is something I believe we can do a better job of and something I have done over the past four years.

My two businesses employ over 50 Whitby/Durham residents and I think it is vital to support our local economy.  The hard working people of Whitby deserve an economy full of opportunities.  The status quo of politics is not why I seek a council position, but rather to make effective change with a sound business platform.  We have many local issues at hand such as; the growth plan for low density housing in Whitby Shores, job creation, transportation, supporting emergency services, balancing the budget, tax responsibility, supporting charities and not for profits, school classroom sizes, the need for more parks, supporting Ontario Shores and many more.

If elected I vow to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses.  As a business owner I know how difficult it can be to find the right answers and maneuver through the many hurdles in getting started.  I want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to live their dreams and make sure they can still do in their home town.  The backbone of this town’s economy is small business and I am going to make sure they understand how appreciated they are.

This town must have a vision for the future and if we work together we can create one that is bright.  On October 22nd I ask for your support as the west ward candidate to allow me to fulfill my mandate of “Putting Whitby First.”  Thank you.


Matt Cardwell


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